6 Best Worldwide Travel Destinations to Consider in 2022

You’re not the only one who wants to make up for lost travel time due to the pandemic.

Anyone who has traveled half the globe with a backpack knows that there are no places that are too expensive. After a bit of market research, it turned out that there are many cheap and new options.

We have compiled the top travel destinations that you can visit with a limited budget. Let’s find out how prices for accommodation, food and transport vary from one country to the next.

Top Destinations to Travel on a Small Budget

Before we start with the list, check your travel documents. Is your passport still valid? Do not be discouraged if your passport is no longer valid. You can speed up the process online.

Once your passport is all set, you may need a visa photo on

First, decide where you want to go next.


Although the Thai islands look almost unreal in movies and photos on Instagram, we were surprised to discover that Thailand is one of the most affordable destinations.

You can travel to Thailand with a booking made a few months in advance, depending on the departure point.

The opposite pole, unlike the south, is very affordable. You don’t have to live in Thailand to enjoy Thai culture, as you can find dorms starting at $5 per night.

Street food and sightseeing are also very affordable. For dirt money, you can walk around the city or go hiking.

Locals are friendly and always willing to help you.

South Africa

South Africa is a great place to visit if you love wildlife.

South Africa’s prices are quite affordable, even though it may seem luxurious. For a very low price, you can go on a safari with wild animals and enjoy a sunset. You can also go hiking.

Cape Town’s nightlife is something you should not miss. It is also one of the most accessible.

For as low as $9, you can find decent apartments on Airbnb or Booking.


India, the country that has one of the most loved cuisines in the globe, is also on the list of countries you can visit with a budget.

Rooms can be found for as low as $3. However, you should expect to have to use buckets and other alternatives when you shower. You can still find decent rooms at a reasonable price. If you travel with friends, you may be able to split the cost and get a fully furnished apartment.

Prearrange everything yourself to save money on your India travels – there are no agents or guides.

Walking down the streets can lead you to decent accommodation. Owners offer their services at all times so it is easy to find them. You can also get half off if you book online for city tours and excursions.

Although the northern region is less expensive than the southern, you should not miss out on the beaches of the south. To see the beaches, you can either rent a car or take a train.


Romania, for goth and medieval lovers, is a great choice. Romania is known for Dracula but the charming medieval architecture and villages are hard to miss.

Booking and Airbnb offer great deals. You can also look around the city for accommodation options in person. Hostels start at $10 per night (or $15), and include breakfast.

Romanian tourism is all about the food.

A kitchen is a great option, as it allows you to cook your meals.

You can also explore the city by public transport for as low as 60 cents per 90 minute ride.


Georgia is a country you can visit if you are looking to feel the European spirit.

You can eat here for as low as $3, and get a minibus for $1. This is a great deal for tourists.

Tickets to museums and historical sites are even more interesting, with prices starting at $2.

The city is also a great place to visit if you’re looking to discover it. Even better, you can hike the town or take a tour with locals.


Mexico offers affordable and delicious Mexican cuisine. Mexico is a country with rich culture and beautiful nature.

You can buy tacos, tortillas or quesadillas on the streets of Mexico for as low as $3. They taste great.

You can also visit the beaches free of charge and catch a few sunsets while you enjoy your favorite taco.

Mexico’s accommodation costs are quite variable. It might take some digging to find an apartment or room that is decently furnished at a reasonable price but you will eventually find it.

Don’t be tempted to settle for low prices, as they are often a scam. Before you book a room/apartment, make sure to read reviews.

Final Word

Passionate travelers often find themselves stuck between a tight budget and a list of their favorite places. Not every destination requires thousands of dollars to save.

To all wanderlusts, your trip is always a plan and a conscious arrangement.

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