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Distribution Network Empowerment:Tecloman’s Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Tecloman, a dependable leader in the energy storage industry, offers comprehensive battery energy storage solutions (BESS) specifically designed for distribution networks. With a rich history of over 20 years and a strong focus on continuous innovation, Tecloman provides effective and reliable BESS solutions that address the evolving challenges faced by distribution networks.

“Charge at Trough, Discharge at Peak”

One of the key features of Tecloman’s BESS solutions is their ability to dynamically increase capacity through the “charge at trough, discharge at peak” method. This innovative approach allows for energy storage during periods of low demand (trough) and discharging the stored energy during peak demand periods. By shifting the load from the distribution network to the battery system during peak hours, Tecloman’s BESS effectively manages the supply and demand imbalance, optimizing capacity utilization and alleviating strain on the distribution infrastructure.

Effectively Solve Problem

With the growth of large commercial complexes and escalating peak-valley differences, inadequate distribution capacity and power quality deterioration have become significant challenges. By integrating BESS into the distribution network, Tecloman enables energy storage at the distribution level as well as the end-side, effectively balancing the load and reducing strain on transformers.

Application Scenarios

Tecloman’s BESS solutions find optimal application in various scenarios where distribution networks encounter capacity limitations, peak demand disparities, and deteriorating power quality. Large commercial complexes experiencing an increasing load capacity and widening peak-valley differences can greatly benefit from Tecloman’s BESS.


With Tecloman’s industry expertise and commitment to innovation, distribution networks can confidently rely on their BESS solutions for enhanced performance, cost-efficiency, and a greener energy future.

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