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Discover some information about shooting arowana fish. Learn about hot game rooms and excellent hunting strategies shared by professional fishermen.

Dragon fish shooting is one of the most popular games in the online betting market today. The game brings many unique colors that attract all bettors’ eyes. Next article, we are together  OKVIP Discover some information about this game and the attractive game rooms with the most visitors.

Introducing general information about dragon angel fish shooting

Dragon fish shooting is one of the popular entertainment playgrounds for those who are passionate about online reward games. The special feature of this game is its ability to bring players dramatic experiences.

With realistic 3D design graphics, creating a new and attractive game space for participants. Accessing the game, you will explore the vast ocean with many colorful whales. This brings a special attraction, stimulating the imagination and excitement during the hunt of fishermen.

Hot game rooms in dragon fish shooting

Outstanding game rooms in dragon fish shooting constantly attract the attention of the gaming community. Currently, the game is designed with 3 main rooms: official, peacock and crab. You will be able to choose a gaming location that suits your strengths, whether you are a beginner or a veteran bettor.

Official dragon fish shooting room

A place where fishermen can experience the feeling of classic games, with simple but extremely diverse gameplay. Special effects are added to create the most unique experiences, making participation never boring.

Boss Vermilion Bird

The Vermilion Room is another highlight of this game, with a classic but attractive gameplay style. Hunting for explosive goldfish in full screen brings a thrill. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for you to win valuable rewards.

Spinning Crab Room in Arowana Angel Fish Shooting

The Spinning Crab Room is a special room at Arowana Fish Shooting, where you can not only hunt for bait but also have the opportunity to draw prizes by exchanging coins. This brings excitement to players, as they can receive many attractive gifts just from drawing lots.

Extremely accurate fish shooting tips for fishermen

To become a successful fisherman in the dragon fish shooting game, you not only need to have skills but also apply some skillful techniques. Below is some information about extremely accurate playing tips for fishermen to apply while hunting fish.

Play firewhisker

The firewhisker technique is one of the most basic but extremely effective ways to hunt fish. By continuously shooting at swimming fish with strong firepower you create good pressure to effectively destroy the target. To apply this tip effectively, consider using weapons with firepower appropriate to the creatures you shoot down. This increases signal efficiency, saving maximum ammo for you during the game.

Shoot ice dragon fish

The strategy of shooting bullets is one of the important factors that help increase the power of bullets, making them more terrible when they collide with the target. With a simple method, you need to aim the bullets at the wall so that they bounce back and hit the fish on the screen.

When using ball tape, you not only save on the number of balls but also create great pressure on fish from many directions, increasing the possibility of killing them. To take full advantage of this strategy, pay attention to choosing the direction of fire and the time to activate the ball to best suit the game situation.


Sniping is a technique that requires concentration and high shooting skills. Instead of just focusing on a single target, you will continuously shoot at multiple prey at the same time. This helps you increase your chances of catching more big fish and earning bigger bonuses.

However, applying this fish shooting technique requires patience and investment of time. Because you need to make sure that all the bullets reach the right target and don’t waste any of them.


Above is the information  OKVIP provide readers with the dragon fish shooting game. From hot game rooms to effective hunting strategies, everything is shown in the most detail. Hopefully through this you will grasp the tips and become a professional fisherman bringing many valuable rewards to your hands.

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