Maximizing Efficiency with ZTT HV Cable in Energy Transmission

ZTT Group is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of power cables, including high-voltage (HV) cables. With its extensive experience and expertise, ZTT has become a trusted name in the industry, satisfying diverse customers’ requirements with quick delivery time. This article will discuss how ZTT HV cable maximizes efficiency in energy transmission.


ZTT Group produces around 5,000 kilometers of extra high voltage (EHV/HV) power cables annually, meeting international standards such as IEC 60840 and IEC 62067. ZTT HV cable’s construction features a conductor insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), shielded with metallic screen, and covered by an extruded PVC, PE or halogen-free sheath for anti-corrosion. By ensuring optimal performance and minimal losses, ZTT HV cable helps maximize efficiency in energy transmission.

Optimal Performance and Minimal Losses

ZTT HV cable’s XLPE insulation provides superior heat resistance of up to 90℃, allowing it to operate at high temperatures without compromising performance. The metallic screen shields the electric field, minimizes interference, and reduces partial discharges, resulting in less energy loss. The cable’s smooth surface reduces corona discharge and improves electrical performance, leading to minimal power loss.

Cost Savings through Long Service Life and Low Maintenance

ZTT HV cable’s robust design ensures a long service life, saving maintenance and replacement costs. The cable’s PVC, PE or halogen-free sheath provides excellent protection against harsh environments, increasing durability and lowering maintenance costs. Additionally, ZTT HV cable’s low resistance and high current-carrying capacity lead to fewer transmission lines, reducing installation and operating costs.


In conclusion, ZTT HV cable is an efficient solution for energy transmission, ensuring optimal performance and minimal losses. Its XLPE insulation, metallic screen, and smooth surface provide long service life, low maintenance requirements, and cost savings in the long run. By choosing ZTT HV cable, customers can trust that their energy transmission needs will be met with maximum efficiency.

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