Processing method for acrylic dip powder

In case the nail is damaged, you can soak it in water for some time to get rid of it. Dry the nail then apply the sticker again.

You must ensure that the glue does not get on your skin.

1. Prepare the acrylic powder material. Put the nail glue in a tray. Then, pour the nail powder in a separate tray. Nail glue can be a dangerous chemical.

2 Dip the nail varnish brush in the nail glue. The brush should be dipped into the nail glue. Wipe off any excess glue from the edges of the bowl. Roll the brush in the powdered dish until it forms a small ball.

It may take a few more attempts to find the right ratio to turn the liquid into powder. You want the little balls to be spreadable and moist.

You will need some paper towels to wipe off excess.

3. Apply the mixture to your nail. Begin with the “smileline”. Start by pressing the nail polish ball flat. Next, brush the nail from the tip to the base. Smoothly brush the nail polish ball flat and fast so the sticker and nail meet naturally. Repeat this process for each of the ten fingers.

After each application, wipe the brush with a piece of paper towel. Once you are comfortable with the process, you won’t need to clean it as often. The nail polish won’t stick to the brush if this is done. If the nail polish sticks to the brush you will need to soak it in water and then wipe it clean.

Avoid clumping by brushing in the same direction each time.

It’s better to be less than more. You will need to remove half of the polish from your nails if you are using too much. You should start with a smaller amount.

When you do it correctly, the joints will look more like a soft curve than a straight line. You may need to use more than one nail polish ball per nail to achieve this effect.

Do not apply nail polish to the cuticle. The nail polish should be a few centimetres higher than the skin on your fingers so that it sticks to your nails.

4. Dry your nails. This takes only ten minutes. Tap the nail with the handle of the nail polish brush. If it makes a clicking sound, you can move on to the next step.

5. Shape your tips of nails. Once the nail has been shaped, you can trim the tip with a file and nail clippers to make it the right shape and length. Use a tool to polish the nail’s surface.

Use a small brush to remove any nail polish or dust that may have been filed.

6 Apply nail varnish. To polish nails, you can use nail polish or coloured polish. Polish your nails to give them a smooth finish.

7. Keep your manicure clean. Your new nails will start to grow after two weeks. You can either redo your manicure or remove them.

Do not apply nail polish to nails if your nails look unhealthy or green. Gray nails or other problems with your nails won’t disappear on their own. They will require treatment. The situation will only get worse if you apply nail polish to your nails. Gray nails can be contagious so avoid sharing tools with others.

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