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The Versatility of Translucent Zirconia: Enhancing Dental Restorations with De Corematrix

De Corematrix, a trusted name in the dental industry, is proud to offer high-quality translucent zirconia materials for dental restorations. With their dedication to innovation, De Corematrix continuously strives to provide patients and dentists with superior treatment outcomes. De Corematrix’s commitment to excellence sets them apart as a leading provider of cutting-edge dental solutions.

Unleashing the Potential of High-Translucent Zirconia

The versatility of high-translucent zirconia is evident in its ability to cater to various dental needs. Whether it’s single anterior and posterior restorations, bridges up to three units, or implant crowns, this material offers exceptional results. However, due to the visibility of margins and thin preparations, it is not recommended for dental veneers, inlays, or onlays. Cementation of high-translucent zirconia restorations is simple and can be done using standard materials and techniques, ensuring ease of use for dentists.

The Strength of Opaque Zirconia

In comparison, opaque zirconia stands out as the toughest material, capable of withstanding significant chewing and bruxism forces. Primarily used for root canal-treated teeth, it provides added support to adjacent teeth. Its opaque nature makes it ideal for posterior or back tooth restorations, ensuring durability and longevity.


De Corematrix’s high-translucent zirconia offers a superior solution for dental restorations. With its ability to match the natural color of teeth, it provides aesthetic appeal while retaining strength. Although not recommended for orthodontic treatments or tooth alignment, this material boasts increased translucency, improved wear characteristics, and enhanced strength compared to other dental blocks. Additionally, De Corematrix’s opaque zirconia offers unmatched toughness, making it a reliable choice for root canal-treated teeth and posterior restorations. With De Corematrix’s commitment to innovation and excellence, De Corematrix aims to empower dentists to deliver exceptional treatment outcomes. Choose De Corematrix’s translucent zirconia materials and experience the transformative power of advanced dental solutions. Elevate your dental practice with De Corematrix’s cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring patient satisfaction and beautiful smiles.

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