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Unlocking Endodontic Excellence with NIC Dental’s U+ File

In the ever-evolving world of endodontics, dental professionals are constantly seeking innovative solutions that can enhance their clinical capabilities and deliver exceptional patient outcomes. NIC Dental, a leading dental material supplier, has introduced the groundbreaking U+ File, a revolutionary instrument that is redefining the standards of root canal preparation.

MaxTech NiTi Alloy: Unparalleled Strength and Flexibility

At the heart of the U+ File lies NIC Dental‘s proprietary MaxTech NiTi alloy, a cutting-edge material that combines unparalleled strength and flexibility. This advanced alloy composition ensures the file’s ability to navigate even the most complex root canal anatomy with ease, while maintaining exceptional resistance to fatigue and fracture.

Optimized for Regular Canal Preparation

Designed for regular canal preparation, the U+ File from NIC Dental features a triangular cross-section and a safe guiding tip, ensuring smooth and efficient instrumentation throughout the entire root canal system. The variable taper of the file further optimizes its function, allowing dental professionals to achieve precise and controlled shaping with every use.

Crown-Down Sequence for Seamless Workflow

The U+ File from NIC Dental is seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive crown-down instrumentation sequence, guiding dental professionals through the entire root canal preparation process. From creating straight-line access to the canal orifice with the SX file, to shaping the coronal two-thirds with the S1 and S2 files, and finally, preparing the apical one-third with the F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5 finisher files, this systematic approach ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow.


As a leading dental material supplier, NIC Dental continues to push the boundaries of endodontic innovation with the introduction of the U+ File. Featuring a groundbreaking MaxTech NiTi alloy, optimized design, and a seamless crown-down instrumentation sequence, this revolutionary root canal file empowers dental professionals to deliver exceptional patient care and elevate their endodontic expertise. By choosing the NIC Dental U+ File, practitioners can unlock a new era of endodontic excellence and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving dental landscape.

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