What you need to know about bubble tea

Bubble tea has been a favorite drink for many decades. It is still popular today. It typically contains tea, sweetened condensed Milk, tapioca balls, and fruit juice.

Mix the ingredients in a glass, then add it to a large pot of hot water. The texture of bubble tea is created by the small bubbles that are formed when the cold water is boiled.

It’s a great way to relax with your loved ones while sipping a refreshing cup of bubble tea. You can also call bubble tea pearl milk, Boba tea, pearl black tea, and many other names.

The popularity of bubble tea is growing. Pearl Lemon Boba offers the best Bubble Tea in London.

How to Order Bubble Tea

Initially, “bubble tea” was used to refer to the foamy bubbles created when the beverage was shaken. But over time, it became synonymous with the bubble-like tapioca pearls at the bottom. These were the original “boba”, but today, the terms bubble tea and boba are almost identical.

Bubble tea began in Taiwan and has evolved to include many different flavors. Most stores offer a variety of bubble teas. Some shops may only offer one type of base.

Let’s look at how to order bubble tea. You can choose from boba tea, or a milk-based base (tea flavored in milk)

Choosing Boba Base

You can choose to have tea, or boba with a base of tea (tea flavored in milk), but this is not the only option.

  • Tea base

Assamee black tea is often used as the base, but you can also use Thai or roasted Chinese milk teas, or matcha.

How your beverage tastes will depend on the type of tea you choose. Black tea is rich and bitter. Matcha is milder tasting and contains a lot more caffeine.

Fruit teas are also an option. Infusions of herbs are used to make fruit teas, but they’re not the same as tea. These teas don’t often contain caffeine so they are a great alternative to regular tea.

  • Milk Tea Base

For beginners, you should choose the traditional pearl milk-based tea. This includes boba, tea and milk.

There are many teas available for milk teas. Everyone is a mix of tea and milk.

You can request any type or milk you like, even if you are lactose intolerant.

  • Fruit Base

There are many fruit tea flavors to choose from, including honeydew milk, strawberry, raspberry and taro.

The base of bubble tea is taro (a root vegetable similar to a yam), which is puréed. The drink has a beautiful appearance because it contains a little bit of purple.

Choosing which type of milk

You can request bubble tea with milk. The foundation will become creamier and soften stronger flavors such as black tea when you add milk.

You may also find that many bubble tea shops offer coffee creamer. This has a stronger taste and creamier texture. Although milk would have been the only option in some places, it is healthier because of its lower trans fat content.

It can be mixed with almond milk, coconut milk, or oat milk. Each adds a different flavor to your beverage. You need to be able to make informed decisions about your taste preferences as some bases may not work well together, or even take over. Ask for milk without dairy if you have a lactose intolerance.

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Select the type of Boba you wish to add

Next, you will need to choose the type of boba that you want. There are many boba sizes and varieties, which only adds to the confusion. The boba are smaller balls, while the larger ones are called pearls.

Tapioca pearls are the most popular balls in bubble tea. Tapioca root starch is used for the creation of tapioca pearls.

The golden boba is a colored tapioca ball. They are then soaked in milk and white sugar, which transforms them from brown to gold. Because they absorb sugar better, they are often sweeter. It is also important to choose the right toppings. Your bubble tea will be more special if you add toppings.

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