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Advancing CCTV Color Night Vision: Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Technology Unveiled

Hikvision, a frontrunner in cutting-edge security solutions, continues to push boundaries with its groundbreaking Smart Hybrid Light Technology. This innovative offering encompasses several remarkable tech highlights that elevate CCTV color night vision. This article delves into the key technological advancements that make Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light excellent in the security industry.

Stunning Low-Light Imaging with F1.0 Super Confocal Lens

Hikvision has elevated low-light imaging by introducing the F1.0 Super Confocal Lens, surpassing industry standards. With its large aperture and meticulous design, this lens ensures equally sharp imaging in infrared and visible light. By achieving a delicate and complex confocal effect, the F1.0 Super Confocal Lens delivers long-lasting, high-definition images, setting a new benchmark for image quality in CCTV color night vision.

Classified Object Detection for Enhanced Security Intelligence

Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Technology incorporates AcuSense-powered smart functions, enhancing security intelligence and threat detection capabilities. Featuring Motion Detection 2.0, this technology distinguishes persons and vehicles from other environmental objects. FocusingFocusing on real security threats enables efficient video searches, saving time and effort in sifting through footage. Additionally, the Live Guard (IP) feature acts as a powerful deterrent, combining visual and auditory warnings to deter trespassers while simultaneously sending notifications to users remotely, ensuring an immediate response to potential security breaches.

Empowering Effective Monitoring and Peace of Mind

With Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Technology, businesses and organizations access cutting-edge advancements that transform CCTV color night vision. The stunning low-light imaging capabilities, facilitated by the F1.0 Super Confocal Lens, ensure exceptional image quality in any lighting condition. The classified object detection feature, powered by AcuSense technology, enhances security intelligence by accurately identifying and focusing on potential threats. By combining these tech highlights, Hikvision empowers users with practical monitoring tools, enabling swift and proactive responses to maintain the safety and security of their premises.


Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Technology represents a significant leap forward in CCTV color night vision. With the integration of the F1.0 Super Confocal Lens and AcuSense-powered smart functions, Hikvision offers unparalleled image quality and enhanced security intelligence. Through these technological advancements, Hikvision continues to elevate industry standards, providing businesses and organizations with the tools they need to ensure effective monitoring, protect their assets, and maintain peace of mind.

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