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Empowering Poultry Growth with Flicker-Free LED Bulbs

In the realm of poultry and livestock lighting, the emergence of flicker free LED bulbs has revolutionized the way farmers and breeders approach illumination for their flocks. Hontech Wins, a renowned LED lights supplier, has been at the forefront of this innovation, continually enhancing its products to cater to the evolving needs of the poultry industry.

Dimmable and Flicker-Free: A Game-Changer in Poultry Lighting

One of the standout features of Hontech Wins’ IP67 LED Poultry Light Bulb is its flicker free nature, ensuring a seamless and consistent light output that is crucial for the well-being and productivity of poultry. Additionally, its dimmable functionality allows for smooth dimming from 0-100%, providing farmers with precise control over the lighting environment for their livestock.

Optimal Performance and Durability: Setting New Standards

The IP67 LED Poultry Light Bulb from Hontech Wins provides unrivaled performance and versatility. It comes with a cable that allows for series connection and ensures that light is distributed in the most effective manner. This lighting solution is designed to thrive in demanding poultry conditions. It has a long lifetime that exceeds 50,000 hours and an IP67 rating. As a result, it is suited for flooring chicken, cage chicken, broiler layer rearing, and production houses.


In conclusion, the flicker free LED bulbs that Hontech Wins has developed represent a huge leap forward in poultry lighting technology. These bulbs offer a compelling blend of performance, durability, and adaptability for the contemporary poultry sector.

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