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EvoTec Power TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator: Unleashing Efficiency and Reliability

Genset alternators play a vital role in power generation, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of electricity. Understanding the importance of these alternators is crucial for industries that rely on continuous power. Introducing EvoTec Power, a brand at the forefront of innovation in high-efficiency generator alternators. Their TH428 series, a 4/6 pole high-voltage alternator for Genset 1000 kVA, is setting new standards for efficiency and reliability.

EvoTec Power: Innovating High-Efficiency Generator Alternators

EvoTec Power is known for its independent intellectual property rights and commitment to innovation. With the TH428 series, they have developed a high-voltage alternator that meets the demanding requirements of Genset 1000 kVA and above. This series is designed to deliver high voltage outputs of 3kV and above, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power systems.

Unmatched Performance and Durability

EvoTec Power’s TH428 series supports generators with up to 13800V maximum and 1500kVA top power output. This exceptional power capability makes it suitable for various applications, from industrial to commercial settings. The alternator’s excellent energy conversion efficiency and ventilation structure ensure optimal performance and minimize energy wastage. Additionally, the easy maintenance design concept reduces the overall cost of using these alternators.

Enhanced Reliability and Longevity

EvoTec Power has prioritized reliability and longevity in the TH428 series. The alternators feature an improved ventilation and heat dissipation structure, allowing for efficient cooling and preventing overheating. The optional double bearing configuration enhances stability, reducing the risk of mechanical failures. With a high protection class (IP21-IP54) and marine varnish, these alternators are built to withstand harsh environments and prevent intrusion, ensuring a longer service life.


In conclusion, EvoTec Power’s TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator is revolutionizing power generation with its efficiency and reliability. With their independent intellectual property rights and commitment to innovation, EvoTec Power has developed a high-efficiency alternator that meets the demanding requirements of Genset 1000 kVA and above. The TH428 series delivers unmatched performance, durability, and ease of maintenance. Trust EvoTec Power to empower your power generation needs with efficiency and reliability.

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