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Innovating Precision Engineering: Discover the UGV-1165 by Conprofe Ultrasonic

Conprofe Ultrasonic introduces the UGV-1165, a remarkable vertical milling machine for sale designed to redefine precision machining. With its cutting-edge features and advanced capabilities, the UGV-1165 is specifically crafted to tackle the challenges posed by hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and other difficult-to-cut substances.

Intelligent Ultrasonic Machining Systems

At the heart of the UGV-1165 lies Conprofe’s independently-developed intelligent Ultrasonic Machining System. This state-of-the-art system is engineered to address the difficulties encountered while machining hard-to-cut materials. By harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations, it enables precise and efficient machining, resulting in exceptional surface finish and dimensional accuracy. With the UGV-1165, manufacturers can confidently undertake intricate machining tasks on hard-brittle materials, unlocking new possibilities for precision engineering.

Optional Cooling Systems for Clean Machining

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a clean machining environment, Conprofe offers optional cooling systems for the UGV-1165. The Supercritical CO₂ or Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) cooling systems ensure optimal chip evacuation and create a pristine machining environment. These cooling options enhance the machining process, prolong tool life, and reduce maintenance requirements, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Versatile Screw Guides for Enhanced Machining Flexibility

To cater to diverse machining needs on both hard-brittle materials and metals, the UGV-1165 provides two options for screw guides. This versatility empowers operators to choose the most suitable configuration for specific machining tasks, ensuring precise and efficient material removal.

High-Precision Linear Encoders for Unmatched Control

The UGV-1165 incorporates high-precision linear encoders, enabling fully-enclosed control over the machining process. This advanced feature ensures meticulous monitoring and control of tool movements, resulting in exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Manufacturers can rely on the UGV-1165 to consistently deliver precise results, even for the most demanding machining operations.


The Conprofe Ultrasonic UGV-1165 represents a new era of precision vertical milling machines. With its intelligent ultrasonic system, optional cooling systems, versatile screw guides, high-precision linear encoders, powerful spindle performance, and unmatched precision and repeatability, it empowers manufacturers to overcome the challenges posed by hard-brittle materials and achieve extraordinary results. Conprofe’s commitment to innovation and excellence makes the UGV-1165 the ultimate choice for those seeking perfection in their machining operations.

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