Why Is Hengli Group A Great Business?

Have you ever wanted to work with a multinational organization that is setting the standard for petrochemicals, oil refining, and other industries? You should consider Hengli Group. Since its founding in 1994, this business has led the entire industrial supply chain by offering outstanding services and goods to its clients.

Description of the Hengli Group

The Hengli Group was founded in 1994. Hengli Group is a multinational corporation that is expanding across the full industrial chain of petroleum refining, petrochemicals, polyester new materials, and textiles while adhering to the industry. Hengli supports the growth of the complete industrial supply chain for crude oil, aromatics, ethylene, purified terephthalic acid (PTA), ethylene glycol, polyester (PET), industrial yarn, engineering plastics, BOPET films, and textiles. The company currently employs 170,000 people and runs one of the largest PTA factories in the world, a base for the production of functional fibers, a weaving business, and a national “enterprise technology center.” The company’s capacity for international competition as well as the value of its product brands are at the top of the list.

Hengli Group: Vital Strengths You Should Be Aware Of

– Speed up the downstream organization of the chemical sector. Hengli Group has developed over time and is now able to benefit from an upstream major chemical platform, the ability to store and transport a variety of rare upstream raw materials to the downstream chemical new material industry chain, as well as other benefits.

– Continue moving forward with high-end differentiation. Hengli Group’s building of the project will significantly increase the reach and capacity of the company’s polyester sector. The business will continue to grow toward high-end distinctiveness while enhancing core competitiveness and increasing production capacity.

– Gradually increase raw material coverage. Hengli Group can utilize PBAT’s technological equipment, processes, and available supply capacity.

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