How much does 2 skewers eat? Play Lottery 2, Hundred Phat, Hundred Wins

How much does 2 skewers eat?, how to play, is the winning rate high,… All of these questions are often asked by bettors who are new to the lottery or have not been participating in the experience for a long time. If you still don’t have the correct answer for yourself, everyone should carefully read the article  New88 shares below to supplement the most accurate knowledge source.
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What is skewer 2?

Before finding out how much a 2-skewer wins, everyone should update their knowledge about this type of game. Parlay number 2 requires participating bettors to choose 2 pairs between 00 – 99 to participate in the prize. The condition to win is that they must come together in a station’s prize drawing session.

In fact, there are quite a few people who confuse the 2nd skewer with the double lottery number. But in terms of determining victory or defeat, they are completely different. However, the lottery player also requires the bettor to choose 2 pairs, but only 1 of the 2 numbers needs to appear to win.

Currently, 2-way lottery is chosen by the majority of players because the winning rate is quite high. Not only that, the reward for lucky bettors is also very huge. If you predict effectively, we are confident you will bring in huge profits.

Discover details about how much you win if you win on 2 parlays

Although they know the reward level is quite high, new players do not clearly determine the specific rate. Therefore, we have compiled the following content for new lottery players to consider before finalizing the numbers.

Skewers 2 Northern regions

In the Northern region, the form of cross-lottery has recorded a huge number of participants. Entertainment service providers here usually pay at a ratio of 1:10. For example, if you bet 100k, you will have 1 million VND if the 2 chosen numbers come together.

Skewers 2 Central regions

The Central region’s prize structure has only 18 prizes per day, less than the 27 prizes of the Northern region. With such a low winning rate, how much does it cost to win 2 parlays? The correct answer is to bet 1 to 23, for every 10k you get 230k if you are lucky and predict correctly.

Skewers 2 Southern regions

Basically, the Southern lottery format is similar to the Central region, opening 18 prizes every day. Therefore, winning 2 parlays will also be rewarded with a ratio of 1 to 23 or more depending on the service provider.

Skewer 2 online

Currently, playing lottery online at bookmakers is very popular. How much will 2 win in case of winning with this new type of betting? In fact, there isn’t any exact answer to the last question.

Basically, each online lottery betting site will have different predetermined reward levels. However, one thing that we can confirm is the form of online lotteryPay much higher bets than offline agents.

The technique of playing parlay 2 ensures huge profits

With the information just now, surely everyone has got the appropriate answer to the question of how much to eat with 2 skewers. Below we would like to share a few methods to help you increase your chances of winning when betting on the lottery.

Choose a time

Lottery is a line of entertainment products that carry a very high level of chance. New players should choose times when they feel they are carrying lucky energy. Only then will the chance of accurate prediction be high.

Of course, choosing the time is not just limited to such implications. Everyone should monitor lottery results regularly to find special points. For example, couples that often come together, couples that are explosive at the beginning of the month/end of the month, couples that have not appeared for a long time,…
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Scanning technique

After knowing how much a 2-skewer wins, new players should learn more about prediction techniques. This is the term for the act of following lottery results, analyzing them and making predictions for the next session.

There are a few good prediction methods that new players should apply such as: Silver memory, five elements, triangle, filling, total number,… Currently these secrets are widely shared online, you can look them up and find them. Test it in practice!

Raise the frame

How much does skewer 2 win when the player raises the frame for many days? Basically, this technique allows players to make long-term bets from 2 to 7 sessions to increase profits after winning. The ratios most often applied by experts are 1:2, 2:5, 1:2:3, 1:2:5, 1:2:3:4, 1:2:4:10,…


After contentBookmaker  New88 just shared, surely new lottery players have got a satisfactory answer to the question of how much to win with a 2 cross. This form of betting is indeed very accessible and brings great reward rates. Quickly close the numbers at the online bookmaker to find opportunities to bring in profits several dozen times higher than the initial cost!

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