Why should you plan a visit to Kolkata?

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal’s union state, is India’s oldest living city. This city is the third-most populated metropolis in India, after Delhi and Mumbai. It is also known for its contribution to the Indian industrial revolution. The region is also known for being the birthplace of modern Indian culture, politics and be literally a moment in the entire process. It is well worth the effort to plan a visit to this place . This is why people need to book a stay at a 4 star hotel in Kolkata. These are some of the most important places you should visit in this city:

1. Howrah Bridge: This sixth-longest bridge in the world, Howrah Bridge, was built in Kolkata. It is a landmark that everyone will enjoy. It is a well-known landmark in India and people will enjoy it.

2. Park Street: Also known as Kolkata’s food street, people will swear that this Street is never asleep. This area is home to many bars, restaurants, and hotels that provide a great place for nightlife. This area is extremely popular and attracts both local and international tourists.

3. Indian Museum: The oldest and largest museum in India, the Indian Museum was founded in 1814. The museum is divided into 6 sections that are separated into 35 galleries. They also contain different types of antiques, artifacts, paintings, and mummies. This museum was founded by a Dutch botanist. It is the oldest and best preserved museum in the world.

4. Victoria Memorial: This memorial is located at the banks of river Hooghly. It is dedicated to Queen Victoria. This place is now a museum. It was established after Queen Victoria’s death. It is an architectural mix of British and Mughal styles that will allow everyone to enjoy the best experience of their lives after visiting it. There are also galleries that allow people to view antique pieces.

5. Jaldapara wildlife centenary: This landmark is located at the foothills the eastern Himalayas. It is also an important fortification of the Indian rhino. The forest reserve covers 21 6 km2 and houses the greatest variety of wildlife, as well as flowers. People will have access to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant and other rare species.

6. Birla Temple: Construction of this temple began in 1970. It took 26 years to complete. Birla Temple is a well-known landmark in the city. This particular location is extremely helpful in providing access to Lord Krishna, the consort Radha, and is a great place for worship. This place can be visited by anyone who is interested. It covers an area of approximately 130 acres.

7. Kolkata race course: In 1847, British India founded the Royal Calcutta Club. This is India’s first horseracing club. This race course was established in 1820. It is the oldest in India. You can find the races here between July and September, and then November to March on Saturdays and public holidays. To have the best experience, people should visit this place if they can.

8. Eden Gardens: With the arrival of the British in India, Eden Gardens was made possible. This is a great cricket stadium. This stadium is home to the country’s largest cricket team and ranks third in the world. This stadium is home to the Kolkata Knight Riders cricket club, which is part of India’s premier league.

9. Marble Palace Mansion: This particular listing was constructed in 1835. It is now a residence for Raja Rajendra’s descendants. This place is very classic and a great example of best architecture. The Palace has a museum that contains antique furniture and paintings to help everyone deal with the things efficiently.

It is worthwhile to visit the places mentioned above in Kolkata so that everyone can have access to the best of West Bengal. This will allow people to comprehend the core of India’s independence movement and will help them to appreciate the unique mix of cultures found in Kolkata. Because of its historical and architectural significance, Kolkata is a popular tourist destination in India. It is well worth the effort to visit this city. Booking a stay at a 4 star hotel in Kolkata will ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. This particular aspect will help everyone plan the perfect family trip.

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